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Actual Drivers, Pot, Alcohol, and Texting. Adams County Sheriff’s Office hosts first of its kind Driver Impairment Awareness Day to educate consumers on the risks.

 For immediate release – July 3, 2018

Media Contact; Dacorum Strategies CEO, Todd Mitchem - media@dacorumstrategies.com or 720-576-9604

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Dacorum Strategies, a Denver based  Government Affairs and Public Policy/Education firm for the cannabis industry, partner to present a first of its kind Driver Impairment Awareness Day utilizing onsite consumption of either marijuana or alcohol, and an actual driving test to educate consumers around the risk of driving drunk, high or distracted.

As the state of Colorado and communities all over the United States work to manage legal cannabis either medically or recreationally, many new unintended consequences have arisen. One such issue revolves around impairment and driving. Both alcohol and marijuana remain the central causes of automobile crashes in Colorado and in a recent survey of 12,000 drivers, CDOT found that over 70% stated they had driven high in the last year. Even more concerning, over 50% of those surveyed indicated they felt driving high was safe. When we combine these new statistics with the fact that each year over 26,000 people are arrested for DUI, and Distracted driving accounts for approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities, it’s clear we have a dire need to ramp up efforts which support safe driving. This private event will give consumers and law enforcement an opportunity to educate while being educated on the growing impairment issues around the United States. 

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“As a person nearly killed in a rear end collision by a distracted driver, I feel passionate about teaching consumers about the harm these seemingly innocent behaviors cause,” says Dacorum Strategies CEO, Todd Mitchem. “Also, as a firm that represents cannabis industry organizations, mainstream companies looking to be in the industry and consumers, we feel a responsibility to emphasize the fact that driving impaired, regardless of substance, is an epidemic that must be stopped. We are thankful for Sheriff Mike McIntosh's dedication to ending impaired driving.”

This highly publicized event will be held at the Adams County Sheriff’s FLATROCK  Regional Training Centeron July 16th from 10 am – 4 pm. Willing volunteers will be carefully administered controlled doses of either marijuana or alcohol, with a third group texting, will be observed driving in vehicles provided by Mile High Driver Training. Their owner, Charles LaMonaca, stated, “We are also excited to help with this important day. Teen safety is our #1 concern.”Adams County Sheriff deputies will observe the closed safety course exercise so they can learn firsthand about the differences each impairment causes in driver capabilities. “We are thrilled to host this Impairment Day at our facility because we believe it will help send a message to consumers showing them it is not worth them drinking, using marijuana or texting while driving,” says Adams County Sheriff Mike McIntosh, “Our deputies will then give field sobriety tests for each participant at the various stages of impairment. I believe together we can curb the tragic injuries and fatalities these impairments cause.” 


The non-scientific Impairment Day event is designed to sound the alert to all consumers that driving high, drunk or otherwise distracted is a huge issue and one they must take seriously.

Where: Adams County Sheriff’s FLATROCK Training Facility; 23600 128th Ave, Commerce City, CO

Date and Time: July 16, 2018 from 10am – 4pm

Individuals who wish to be in the control group of volunteers of either alcohol or marijuana should contact Dacorum Strategies at ImpairmentDay@DacorumStrategies.com (Drivers must have a valid Colorado drivers license, proof of car insurance, proof of health insurance and be at least 21 years of age.)

Media is invited to attend, conduct interviews at certain times, and record the event to help educate consumers. If you are a member of the press or you wish to be the top sponsor for this event, and wish to participate, please email: Media@DacorumStrategies.com


See our CEO, Todd Mitchem, with Sam Cole from CDOT, speaking out about driving high in Colorado. 

Todd Mitchem