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Cannabis: Regulation pitfalls, secrets for powerful government affairs strategy and expert opinion from a top regulator.

In this informative and interactive presentation, Dacorum Strategies Managing Partner, Todd Mitchem and Former Executive Director of the Department of Revenue (Marijuana Enforcement Division) Barbara Brohl will be discussing the most critical best practices and strategies for your cannabis-based business (Hemp and marijuana) or your government entity. This is a rare opportunity for you to get the same access to a combined knowledge usually only reserved for our top tier clients. Barbara is now the VP of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Dacorum Strategies. www.DacorumStrategies.com

Questions to be covered by Todd and Barbara in this unique webinar. 

1) Why did you decide to join the government affairs side of the industry?

2) What do you see as the most significant challenges today for both hemp and marijuana industries?

3) If you had to start over in the industry or with the Marijuana Enforcement Division what would you do differently?

4) What is the best advice you could give to a company looking to become a top-tier company that partners with the government?

5) What is the best advice you could give a government agency in dealing with either the marijuana or hemp industries?

6) Where do you see as major pitfalls on both the hemp and marijuana sides of cannabis? For Regulators? For Industry? For Consumers?

7) Why is it essential that there is responsible regulation of both the hemp and marijuana sides of cannabis?

8) How does a collaborative working relationship benefit regulators, industry, and stakeholders?

9) Taking questions from the attendees.

Who is this for:

- Industry leaders who want to be or are top tier and ready to go to the next level

- Investors looking to place funds into either the hemp or marijuana space

- Government officials, regulators, members of the legislature or federal government looking to better understand how to work with the industry


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