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The team at Dacorum was instrumental in helping The Green Solution achieve many of it’s government affairs and community outreach goals. With their help, we were able to successfully work with regulators to secure licenses in key markets throughout Colorado. They also successfully negotiated positive outcomes to numerous challenges with local municipalities, which greatly benefited our business. Lastly, they helped TGS expand its public affairs goals with successful educational events, presentations and public safety outreach.
— Kyle Speidell - Chief Executive Officer


A small sample of the successes Dacorum achieved while representing The Green Solution

Dacorum secures 5 Licenses in Colorado - GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS STRATEGY and Community Outreach to achieve the result

Utilizing our unique brand of community outreach Team Dacorum was able to secure five very challenging retail cannabis licenses for The Green Solution. We achieved this result with a multi-pronged approach involving a thoughtful regulator outreach, consumer protection narrative, and overall interconnected community involvement. Our team also engaged in critical relationships from other jurisdictions to overlay a successful strategy on top of the hard work the team at TGS was accomplishing internally with the actual license application. Our firm was the extra push needed to achieve success each time.

Dacorum Creates community trust and brand loyalty - Building Community Trust through education

Team Dacorum helped The Green Solution build a more powerful brand trust within the consumer base they serve. By demonstrating a commitment to the community, educational outreach, and by offering an authentic perspective about everything from youth prevention to proper extraction standards regulators used to set the bar high for the entire industry, we made sure to leverage the community's thirst for education around cannabis to achieve our goals. In the end, because of our efforts, The Green Solution built trust in each city. As an example, Dacorum negotiated the first ever Good Neighbor Agreement for a cannabis company in one of the most influential neighborhoods in Denver. This agreement helped secure trust with the City of Denver and the community.

Dacorum saves a license - Crisis assistance

When one of the license purchases for The Green Solution was in jeopardy, Dacorum quickly sprung to action working with regulators, the community, and even the Marijuana Enforcement Division to correct the issue, secure the license, and over a twelve month period, stayed on top of the project to see it all the way to fruition. In the end, The Green Solution opened a beautiful store in one of the most desired locations in Denver, beating out competitors. It was the speed and accuracy of Dacorum's strategy which made this happen against incredible odds.

Dacorum educates one city and succeeds in extending hours for all dispensaries

The city of Northglenn only allowed for all cannabis dispensaries to be opened until 8 pm. Dacorum went to work educating all city officials, the community, and even all opponents of an hour change. After months of effort, outreach, and education, heated debate at each City Council meeting, and by leveraging our carefully thought out strategy, Team Dacorum excitedly watched as the Northglenn City Council voted to approve hours of operation from 8 am - 10 pm thus succeeding not only for The Green Solution, but for all marijuana companies in the city.

Media also achieved through Dacorum efforts and successes.

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