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Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Dacorum is a name blended with the word "Decorum" meaning - behavior in keeping with good taste/propriety" and "Arete" which is the Greek word meaning - the excellence of any kind.  And that is exactly what the team at Dacorum Strategies™ brings to every engagement; excellence in good taste to ensure lasting success!

Since Legalization began of cannabis (marijuana and hemp), our team has worked tirelessly on both sides of the equation, but universally  tuned in to public health and safety, consumer protection, and building an industry following the rule of law. 

Our team is completely dedicated, through personal connection and passion, to seeing both marijuana and hemp flourish in the mainstream; we made a decision to join forces and build Dacorum based on shared principles for collaboration, excellence in business, and an overall focus on strategic outcomes.

It all began with the idea that government and community efforts could best operate with reason, strength, diplomacy and a sense of excellence for each client. Dacorum's team all believe in this same philosophy. 


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We at Dacorum know that finding a strong partner to help with your goals choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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