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Headquartered in Colorado, Dacorum Strategies™ proudly represents a very select client base in the area of government affairs as well as public policy for the legal cannabis industry, which includes both marijuana and hemp companies. We also now work to advise mainstream companies with an interest in joining the industry by providing consumer data and advising on best practices. Dacorum covers client needs in local, state and federal arenas while building strategies crafted to get results. We also serve as a consumer advocate and informational source. Our team proudly works with only those organizations who are serious about the future of the industry, educating the consumer, and who seek to move the dial for regulation/community outreach in the areas we serve.

From industry leaders and elected officials to top lobbying representatives, Dacorum is staffed to handle any crisis, initiative, and challenge. 

Working with community stakeholders and governmental agencies requires a relationship and bridge building methodology, which leans more toward collaboration and diplomacy. When you put the right experts like Dacorum in a room with leaders, impact is expected and guaranteed.  The focus of Dacorum in any engagement is to obtain the desired outcome while setting the community, governmental agencies, and our client up for maximum success in both near and long-term goals and expectations.  

We are ushering in a new era of government relations and community outreach for the industries we serve by creating cohesion between our clients, their needs and the emerging marketplace of legal cannabis.

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Areas of Focus


Governments of all levels struggle with cannabis regulation and the incredible changing landscape.  We assist governments effectively because we combine the wisdom of former regulators, lawmakers, and representatives from the cannabis industry. You need a team that understands the industry in a 360-degree manner if not, you risk missing essential elements that can be a massive challenge to reconcile in the future. Our team has the knowledge that's needed to mitigate risk taken by governments everywhere around the world. Imagine if you had the blueprint to build the right structure the first time. Now you do.

Crisis assistance

A crisis, avoidable or unavoidable, requires steady leadership to overcome. Our team has successfully negotiated hundreds of crisis solutions for our clients because we take the time upfront to understand the goals then merge those goals with all parameters for success. We then set our team in motion to negotiate a powerful solution.  Our experts can even assist with communication, public relations advice and work with your team to ensure your customers stay with you long term.

Government affairs strategy

Government affairs strategy goes way beyond lobbying for rule changes or responding to reactive situations. To be a recognized leader in your space, you must engage the government in ways that are both thoughtful and focused. Companies who do not understand this thinking usually find pain and suffering when dealing with government agencies or regulatory leaders. At Dacorum however, we employ a team of experts in government, some of which are formerly elected officials. Thus, we understand the way government works which allows us to implement your agenda thoughtfully with lasting results.

Companies Joining the Industry

We now offer to consult for mainstream originations who have either entered into or are considering coming into the legal cannabis industry. Our team works with you in educating about consumer interaction, behaviors, and overall industry structure. We also work to guide you around which industry partners are best for potential partnership.  Lastly, we are your source for everything related to government affairs, consumer protection and preparing you for a whole new market when cannabis is legalized federally. We are a team with a background in large mainstream operations; thus we understand your needs, structure and how best to help. Contact for more info.

Community Outreach Inititaves

The community is critical as the expansion of legalization occurs, but often it is the most overlooked essential element of engagement. Our community outreach experts work on unique outcomes using our special formula for engagement.  It is our philosophy to create positive community impact driven initiatives which change perception, reputation and respect for the client. We see community engagement as a must for any serious company wanting to prosper. 

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